Sinking City Playlist

Check out the playlist that we have for Sinking City! Some of these songs feature in the book (Ellie’s love of the Ramones has to be represented, of course), some remind us of Zan and Ellie together, and others just gave us that Sinking City “vibe” during the writing. Any other songs you think belong on this playlist?

Sinking City is now available for pre-order!

We are so excited to announce the release of the first book in The Skilled trilogy. Sinking City comes out on October 19th, kicking off an exciting new young adult urban fantasy series you don’t want to miss.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out what Brandon Sanderson has to say about Sinking City:

“Sinking City is an imaginative, fast-paced urban fantasy. Do yourself a favor and move this one to the top of your list.” -Brandon Sanderson, Author of Skyward

And don’t miss our gorgeous cover:

Sinking City is now available at a special pre-order price, so don’t wait! If you’re still not convinced, here’s the cover copy:

On the streets of Venice, magic burns and wars wage, while powerful illusions and mind-bending magic keep the world of The Skilled hidden from ordinary people—or typics. The powerful Mardova Family rules Venice with an iron fist, keeping their powers secret and their eyes on their enemies.

Zan Mardova would rather use his magical Skills to do tricks on his motorcycle or fly over buildings than involve himself in Family politics, but when he discovers a rival Family has brainwashed a beautiful typic girl named Ellie, he begins to unravel a web of dangerous secrets with Ellie at the center. Zan’s loyalty has always been to the Mardovas and the fate of Venice, but as Zan’s feelings for Ellie grow, he can no longer ignore his suspicions about members of his own Family.

Zan fears there’s a traitor among the Mardovas—and it might be him.

We’re so excited to share the magical world of The Skilled with you! Pre-order today so you don’t miss out!